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What is "moratame. Net"? is one of the largest trial sites in Japan.
You can "get free" or "small amount" of new products and topical items.
A wide variety of products are posted not only major manufacturers, but also manufactures with long history in regional cities.

In addition, is also a site that supports connecting consumers and business product developers through products.

Real your opinions (reviews) gathered will be the key and the story to new product development for product developer, and ultimately the new products will be born with the voice of the members... We are aiming for such a future.

Our website posts these items.

  • Popular sweets often seen on TV
  • Convenient seasoning used very well at the table
  • Alcohol that you’ve been interested in.
  • Cosmetics and daily necessities useful for everyday use

Mechanism of moratame. Net

Provide products, Deliver products, Report opinions and reviews, Post reviews ( comment on website, SNS, blog)

A review received from everyone will reach many people as useful information.
It also reaches the person in charge of the product of each manufacturer, and it is being used for product development and product promotion.

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About us

Company name DO HOUSE Inc.
Address 6-20-2 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004, JAPAN
Establishment 1980/07/07
Capital 687 million Yen


Establishment 2006/04/01
Membership 1,000,000 people (including 120,000 bloggers)
Number of visitors / month 1.5 million visitors (PV: 30 million)
Monthly item postings 50 products
Number of companies posted 350 companies

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